He loses kidneys, thanks to 'sinseh'

PHOTO: He loses kidneys, thanks to 'sinseh'

Going to a sinseh, or a traditional Chinese medicine doctor, seemed like a quick fix for his kidney problems.

So Mr Wong Kim Min, 47, who had been suffering from kidney problems for the last 10 years, decided to try out the sinseh, known only as Dr Lau.

He was introduced to Mr Wong by a friend.

Mr Wong claimed Dr Lau told him that he could treat him as “the problem was just a minor medical condition”.

But not only did the doctor fail to cure his ailment, he allegedly made his condition so bad that Mr Wong lost both his kidneys, The Star reported.

Mr Wong, a factory worker, alleged that the sinseh, in his late 20s, pierced at least 60 needles into his head and abdomen “to flush toxins out of his body” without any anaesthetic.

After two sessions, Mr Wong said he developed an infection and his abdomen became bloated for some time. Moreover, he was asked to fork out RM30,000 (S$12,500) for the treatment.


Said Mr Wong: “After the first session, I suffered severe pain and developed high fever.

“I called Dr Lau, but he advised me not to seek treatment at any hospital as I would be given antibiotics, which would worsen my condition.”

Mr Wong said that three days later, he returned to the sinseh for a second session, where syringes were used on him.

He said: “My situation worsened after that. I could no longer urinate.

“So I decided to seek treatment at Ampang Hospital where I was told that blood clots had blocked my urinary tract.”

He said he was transferred to Kuala Lumpur Hospital the next day but his condition was so bad that the doctors had to remove both kidneys.

He now has to undergo dialysis every two days, he claim.

He said he is allowed to drink only 300ml of water a day and that he suffers from sleeplessness and dizziness.

Mr Wong’s lawyer, Mr Tan Kim Soon, said a police report was filed against the sinseh on Jan 31 regarding the incident which happened last year.

It is not known why it took so long for the complaint to be filed.

Said Mr Tan: “He (Dr Lau) was then arrested and remanded. However, in a letter dated Feb 10, my client was told by the police that no further action could be taken against the sinseh due to lack of evidence.”

This article was first published in The New Paper.