Head to hospital quickly

Don't push, and try to relax.

And get yourself to a hospital as soon as possible. If that is not possible, call for an ambulance.

That's the advice given by a gynaecologist to anyone who's experiencing sudden labour pains.

Dr Christopher Ng of GynaeMD Women's & Rejuvenation Clinic said: "The mother should try to relax until the ambulance comes instead of pushing.

"In a hospital, there is a sterile environment - sterile water and a proper bed, which is more conducive for giving birth," Dr Ng added.

But if the woman has already given birth, he advised bystanders to make sure both mother and baby are breathing and kept warm.

"Also, check if the mother's womb has contracted by palpating her stomach gently," he added. Dr Ng warned against cutting the umbilical cord if you are unsure.

"You have to make sure that both mother and child are not bleeding after you cut the cord," he said.

Dr Ng also said that Madam Khimayati's quick delivery could be because she already had three children.

"The more times you have delivered, the faster the labour would be," he said.

He added: "If a woman is past her due date, she should follow up closely with her gynaecologist. By a certain date past the estimated date of delivery (postdates), the doctor may arrange for an induced birth.


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