Healthy living and eating with subs below 500 calories

Treat yourself to tasty sandwiches from Subway for a clean, fulfilling diet.

Enjoying what you eat is essential for a healthy lifestyle. Subway's sandwiches provide great taste without monopolising your calorie intake and keep you satisfied without leaving you bloated.

The average calorie intake of a Singaporean adult male should be around 2,200 calories, while the average Singaporean woman requires a daily intake of 1,800 calories.

Of course, calorie requirements vary from person to person.

For instance, a 60-year-old needs fewer calories than a 16-year-old in order to maintain the same weight, and a salesman on the go needs more calories than a typical deskbound office worker.

Visit to find out your specific calorie requirements.

Data extracted from Health Promotion Board, 2016

Eating Clean

Besides counting calories, knowing what's in your food counts too.

Eating a wholesome sandwich and a bar of chocolate constitutes the same calories, but the sandwich is going to fill you with nutrients and energy that chocolate just can't provide.

It also helps if your lean food is good food. That way, it is easy to stick to a healthier diet.

Take the Subway Italian B.M.T™ sandwich for example: a Pepperoni, Salami and ham combination that sounds too good to be lean, but it is just 435 calories.

To personalise your sub, choose your favourite veggies and add one (or two) fat-free sauce(s).

Try the Honey Mustard and Sweet Onion sauce - the sweetness, coupled with delicious pepperoni, salami and ham and crispy baked bread, is sure to become a favourite.

Satiate your palate

Subway Melt

When you are eating clean, it's important to choose great-tasting foods.

Jumping off the deep end into the lonely world of salads sans dressing and bread without spread is not sustainable. You can still indulge in your comfort foods but with a nutritious spin.

For instance, everybody's favourite - bacon and cheese. Instead of cutting it out of your diet completely - then crave it so much you pig out the second a slice of cheese is in sight - eat it with a nutritious sandwich.

The Subway Melt™ not only has bacon and melted cheese, but tender sliced turkey and ham.

When you're having a Subway, you don't have to count the calories; but if you are, you've got nothing to worry about because this tasty sub is only 352 calories!

Drizzle some Red Wine Vinegar or Mustard sauce for an extra zing! Don't worry, it's fat-free.

Comfort food

Roasted Chicken Breast Sandwich

"Guilt-free indulgence" isn't a made-up phrase when you're in a Subway restaurant.

Pretty much every sub is a perfect combination of wholesome and tasty, with your choice of freshly baked breads, veggies, sauces, cheeses and meats.

But if you're feeling peckish for chicken, the Roasted Chicken Breast Sandwich is always a good option.

Tender roasted boneless chicken breast, served on a bed of fresh vegetables (optional) and baked bread. With less than 300 calories, this wholesome sub is chicken sandwich for the soul.

Fun fact: Subway was one of the first restaurant chains to be endorsed by the Health Promotion Board under the Healthier Dining Program.

Every sub is made to order and prepared right in front of you, the way you want it - so every time you visit, you'll enjoy a tasty new combination of an old favourite.

With over 120 restaurants in Singapore, there's no excuse not to make healthier living your resolution this year-end!