Healthy S'poreans may have undiagnosed hypertension

SINGAPORE - According to the Ministry of Health, 26 per cent of Singaporeans aged between 30 to 69 have undiagnosed hypertension.

These were some of the findings from a survey conducted by the National Health Survey 2010.

The survey also said 67 per cent of those with high blood pressure had good blood pressure control.

A pilot study by HealthSTATS International conducted a 16-week research project to monitor the blood pressure of 100 participants.

The participants wore a watch device which monitored their heart rate, blood pressure and pulse over a 24-hour period.

This data was sent to a call centres where doctors could access the information.

Findings showed that more than half of the participants had high blood pressure readings, and no pre-existing medical conditions.

CEO of HealthSTATS International, Dr Ting Choon Meng, said that this meant that many normal people were like "walking time-bombs" because they had no symptoms but did not have healthy blood pressure.