Help for mentally disabled siblings living by themselves

PHOTO: Help for mentally disabled siblings living by themselves

MALACCA - A Good Samaritan has come to the aid of a brother and sister who are mentally disabled and living by themselves.

M. Thomas, supervisor of a centre for disabled children, said a benefactor had provided the siblings with a better place to stay and helped to extend the lease on the land where their home was.

Shu Han Si, 56, and his sister Shu Moi, 54, were living in dire and dirty conditions in a wooden shack for many years in Kampung Bukit Pulau.

The termite-infested structure was in bad shape and in danger of collapsing.

There was only one lamp in the shack and the siblings did not have running water or a toilet; they relied on rainwater for bathing and washing.

When their plight was brought to the attention of Thomas, who supervises the Handicapped & Mentally Disabled Children Centre Malacca in Bukit Baru, he tried to help by arranging for them to stay at a home in Duyong.

"But they didn't want to go there," he said. "So, I brought their case to the attention of the media and their predicament was highlighted last month.''

After the story went public, the benefactor contacted Thomas and offered to rebuild the shack into better lodgings for Han Si and Moi.

Alfred Lai, the benefactor, is a manager at an insurance company, and is from Jasin.

"After studying the siblings' plight, Lai signed an agreement with the landowner to continue renting the plot to the siblings for RM50 (S$19) a month," said Thomas.

"He also called in a contractor to upgrade the shack."

Moi is unemployed and gets RM310 a month in welfare assistance while Han Si washes dishes at a hawker centre in Bukit Baru to earn a living.

The brother and sister have been living on their own since their mother died more than 10 years ago.

Anyone interested in helping them can call Thomas at 013-691-3240.