HFMD alert at M'sia entry points

BENTONG - The Government has beefed up health checks and screenings at all major entry points into the country to prevent an outbreak of the HFM (hand, food and mouth) disease.

Health Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai said the people should not be unduly worried as the situation was under control.

Liow said so far, there was no HFM outbreak in any part of the country.

"I was informed that there was only one HFM-related case and that the patient had been isolated and was recuperating.

"No new case has been reported but we are maintaining a high alert level and are monitoring the situation," he said after closing the Kids Invent! programme at the Bentong town hall here yesterday.

Recently, a potent strain of HFM disease had killed more than 60 children in Cambodia, triggering major concern in the region.

Liow, who is the Bentong MP, said the World Health Organisation had been issuing daily reports on the situation in Cambodia.

He said, however, there was no travel advisory advising citizens from visiting Cambodia.

Liow urged the people to keep clean and maintain high level of hygiene at all times.

He said all public and private kindergartens, including Kemas, must keep a close watch of the children and ensure a clean environment and surroundings.

"All private and health clinics must alert the ministry if they treat any patient suspected of contracting the HFM disease," he said, adding that all communicable diseases such as HFM must be reported to the authorities immediately.