Hong Kah North residents get personalised health assessments

PHOTO: Hong Kah North residents get personalised health assessments

SINGAPORE - The Health Promotion Board (HPB) has today launched Singapore’s first Healthy Lifestyle Centre (HLC), following the establishment of a health corner at Hong Kah North Zone 6 Residents’ Committee last year.

Residents between the ages of 18 to 69 years who have been identified to have a higher risk of chronic conditions will be referred to the Healthy Lifestyle Centre for customised health programmes and services who went through a basic health screening provided by health ambassadors from the Health Promoting RC Corner.

The HLC will educate residents on the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle and equip them with the knowledge and skills to do so, and aims to encourage residents to adopt a healthy lifestyle through physical activity, nutrition and mental well-being.

It will also provide referrals and facilitate follow-up for individuals who may require them.

These services will be operated by HPB’s team of Health Promotion Managers in collaboration with Health Ambassadors. They will provide One-on-one consultations, health assessments, personalised health advice, exercise classes, talks and workshops and follow-up and referral services.

Dr. Amy Khor, Minister of State for Health and Manpower and Mayor for South West district said she was 'pleased to note that nearly 8 in 10 residents aged 18-69 years have been screened for at least one of the chronic diseases' as a result of the various healthy lifestyle promotion programmes.

She added the HLc will allow residents to gain direct and convenient access to personalised health assessment and lifestyle modification advice.

The HLC will also serve as a health resources centre where residents can expect to find educational materials on various topics including cancer screenings, chronic diseases, dementia, depression, falls, mental well-being, nutrition, obesity, osteoporosis, physical activity, smoking and weight management.

The HLC will be piloted in the South West District over a period of three years, before it is rolled out nation-wide.