Hope for infertile couples

THAILAND - Samitivej Srinakarin Hospital recently opened an Infertility Centre that combines the expertise of its specialists with state of the art "Assisted Reproductive Technology". Offering fresh hope for infertile couples, the centre also offers evening clinics for greater convenience.

10 easy steps to having a baby

  1. Prepare your body: Maintain your body weight at an appropriate level, have enough rest and exercise regularly.
  2. Prepare your mind: Reduce, if you cannot eliminate completely, any financial, educational and personal stress.
  3. Eat well or take preconception vitamins, especially folic acid, which helps lower the risk of embryo brain defects during fertilisation.
  4. Have your blood checked to ensure you're healthy and ready to have a child.
  5. If you're not immune to rubella or German measles, you should get the rubella vaccine and take birthcontrol measures for three months before proceeding with plans to have a baby.
  6. Mark your menstrual periods on a calendar to check for consistency. If it is irregular, consult your doctor.
  7. Ovulation usually occurs in the middle of your period cycle. Having sex every other day during ovulation will increase the chance of a successful pregnancy.
  8. Throw away the thermometer and forget the LH Test. Techniques like these will only increase your stress.
  9. Relax. Try Tip 7 regularly - you could be pregnant naturally in four to six months.
  10. If you're still not pregnant, consult a doctor who specialises in infertility.

Dr Watcharaporn Weerakul is an obstreticiangynaecologist specialising in reproductive medicine and laparo.