Horrific X-ray photos that will shock you

Scissors, nails, knives, and safety pins.

These are objects that do not belong in the human body. Yet, as the following photos reveal, they can end up being lodged in the most unexpected parts of the anatomy.

An 86-year-old man from the United States was accidentally impaled through his eye socket by pruning shears when he was working in his yard at home.

A French woman suffered abdominal pains after surgery, only to discover months later that a pair of surgical scissors had been left in her womb.

A Singaporean man got more than he bargained for after he swallowed a safety pin while eating some mee siam.

Amazingly, some of these patients actually survived the ordeal.

In other instances, metal objects were deliberately inserted into the body for medical reasons.

AsiaOne Health brings you a selection of shocking X-ray photos that will challenge your perception of how much a human body can withstand.

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