Hot bods

Sheldon Yen, 24, Undergraduate

Height: 1.72m

Weight: 78kg

Exercise regimen: I go to the gym daily for a 45-minute workout, targeting a specific muscle group during each session.

Three days a week I focus on power body building - combining power lifting with body building - to challenge myself to a new level of fitness. I also try to play basketball once or twice a week.

Diet: I practise smart dieting, like the meat I choose will be non-fried and not have too much sauce.

I have a craving for waffles and pancakes, but eat them only every two weeks to rev up my metabolism rate and replenish myself physically and mentally. I also take plenty of vegetables.

Sherie Lim, 21, Operations and marketing manager

Height: 1.57m

Weight: 42kg

Exercise regimen: I attend four hot yoga classes a week, for an hour each session. I also keep in-line skates in my car so I can use them at any time, usually once a week for 10km.

Diet: For breakfast, I take green smoothies with added superfoods. They contain natural vitamins and nutrients and are high in fibre.

I avoid fried food and take little or no carbs with my meals. I do three- to five-day juice cleansing and drink only juices once every two months.

The primary reason is to detox, which makes me feel light, clean and healthy. My weakness is ice cream - once a fortnight.

I also love Japanese cuisine, especially sushi, although I skip the rice and take more sashimi and tofu.

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