Hot bods

PHOTO: Hot bods

Theon Lim, 22, Undergraduate

Height: 1.70m

Weight: 64kg

Exercise regimen: I visit the gym up to four times a week and train two body parts each day, usually a major muscle group followed by a minor muscle group (for example, chest and triceps, back and biceps). I also do cardio twice a week with running - starting with interval training and then a 30-minute jog.

Diet: I used to diet but not any more, though I avoid trans fats. I take whey protein twice a day, once in the morning for breakfast (along with a glass of milk) and another two scoops after I go to the gym. Lunch and dinner are usually easy standards like chicken rice.

Angeline Yeo, 22, Undergraduate

Height: 1.60m

Weight: 48kg

Exercise regimen: I go for yoga sessions (hot yoga and vinyasa yoga) up to five times a week, which help keep my body in good shape and maintain my flexibility. Each session lasts between one and two hours. I also head to the gym to do simple lifting of weights and a 30-minute run as a cardio workout.

Diet: I usually eat what I want but try to maintain a balanced diet by having loads of vegetables, fruits and protein in my meals. I believe in eating healthily 80 per cent of the time to keep my fitness but spare another 20 per cent for some indulgences when the cravings hit.

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