Hot bods

Ellyne Phneah, 25

Technical writer

Height: 1.58m

Weight: 47kg

Exercise regimen: For exercise, I pole dance two to three hours a week. I also visit the gym, where I work on my biceps, triceps and also use the treadmill. I practise yoga and pilates for strength and flexibility and I cycle occasionally and rock climb.

Diet: My diet consists of up to six small portions a day, and I eat rice and potatoes before I exercise. I prefer Asian food because of its smaller portions and healthy components. I especially love fish, and fruits for their vitamins. I avoid pork lard and fats in meats. My favourite dish is fish soup.

Foo Suan Deng, 26

Bank executive

Height: 1.7m

Weight: 65kg

Exercise regimen: I visit the gym three to four times a week for an hour where I work out one major muscle group each time. At least one session will have a good cardiovascular workout. I also love marathons, and try to run in the various marathons that Singapore has to offer.

Diet: My diet is high protein, low carbs. My breakfast includes a wholemeal sandwich, usually with tuna. I try to take large portions of meat and vegetable for dinner. I will try to take red meat at least three days a week to maintain my muscle mass. Local delicacies like fried carrot cake and minced-meat noodles are my guilty pleasures! I try to avoid carbs as much as possible.

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