Hot bods

Stacey Manoharan, 20 (Left) and Eugene Lim, 21 (Right).
PHOTO: Hot bods

Stacey Manoharan, 20 (Left)

Pastry chef

Height: 1.73m

Weight: 50kg

Exercise regimen: I do abdominal exercises every night and in addition to that I do high-intensity interval training exercises every alternate day. I also try to throw in a couple of running and swimming sessions each week.

Diet: I have yogurt and fruits for breakfast while for lunch, I have protein-rich meats like chicken or fish as the main focus of the meal. For dinner, I usually have a salad and a soup. Having an occupation like mine, the only sinful indulgence I can afford are cupcakes but I do try to stay away from junk food and carb-rich meals.

Eugene Lim, 21 (Right)

Fitness model

Height: 1.72m

Weight: 80kg

Exercise regimen: I work out for about an hour every day and train different body parts each day. I like to go for light weights because I have better control and contraction of my muscles and this is what makes the muscles grow.

Diet: I eat every two to three hours, but only a small portion of food each time. This is to keep my metabolism high. I keep my intake of carbs very low and this is how I stay lean.

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