Hot bods: Maintaining fitness with intensive exercise

PHOTO: Hot bods: Maintaining fitness with intensive exercise

Chew Sin Kiat ,24 Undergraduate

Height: 1.77m

Weight: 75kg

Exercise regimen: I play frisbee competitively and participate both locally and overseas with a team. We train for about four hours thrice weekly. In fact we are competing in Malaysia very soon. I wind down by playing basketball and badminton as it helps to slow down the pace because frisbee requires a lot of sprinting and constant running.

Diet: I don't watch my diet although of course I try to avoid oily food and too much rice . It's good that I don't crave sweet stuff or desserts although if offered a piece of chocolate cake I will happily take it! After training or exercising, I will down some chocolate milk and lots of water.

Anastacia Zakaria, 25, Customer service executive

Height: 1.63m

Weight: 56kg

Exercise regimen: I don't do much sports but practising yoga is my main interest. I practise three times a week on a regular basis. I used to weigh more than 75kg during my younger days but managed to reduce my body mass index by swimming intensively daily.

Diet: I watch what I eat very carefully especially during breakfast and lunch. I try as much as possible to avoid eating rice and only have a cup of black coffee once a day. I don't particularly fuss over my meals although I try to adhere to the usual general health guidelines. I am a social drinker.

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