Hot weather may up dengue cases in Singapore

PHOTO: Hot weather may up dengue cases in Singapore

SINGAPORE - The National Environmental Agency (NEA) has issued a warning that the rising temperatures here could push the number of cases of dengue up from a three-year low for the first half of the year.

Temperatures are expected to rise to 30 deg C at night in the coming weeks, while daytime temperatures could go up to as high as 34 deg C, The Straits TImes (ST) reported.

This is as hot weather shortens the growth process of the Aedes mosquito and thus is likely to increase breeding rates.

According to studies cited by ST, warmer weather has been know to speed up the growth of mosquito larvae to adulthood to less than 10 days. The normal growth period is one to two weeks.

Warm weather also increases the number of female mosquitoes born, which increases the chances of dengue spreading when they feed to breed. The dengue virus is also known to multiply faster in higher temperatures.

NEA is asking the public to be more vigilant about preventing the breeding of mosquitoes, which carries and spreads the virus.