How to break your coffee addiction

PHOTO: How to break your coffee addiction

Q: Perhaps I am addicted to coffee. I can't seem to start my day without my usual two-cup regimen. By 5 pm, I would have consumed 6 cups. What should I do?

Do you know that the usual daily maximum for coffee is three cups? You are way over your limit. Think about this - if you need a stimulant to give you a quick pick-up, then most probably your fat-burning system that generates energy may not be working well.

Chances are you may not be addicted to coffee as you are to caffeine. Too much caffeine can affect the adrenal, liver and nervous system. A quick test is to observe your hands if they shake involuntarily, or an elevated pulse with mild heart palpitations.

Cut back now. Alternate your coffee excesses with green or black tea. They both have caffeine, but contain as well antioxidants and phtyonutrients.

If you are strict about your health, take organic tea or coffee. If you are sensitive to caffeine but enjoy coffee, try whole-bean coffees that are water-processed. About 1/3 of the caffeine remains. There is, of course, always decaf coffee and tea. But if you wish to avoid caffeine altogether, substitute with herbal teas.