How can I prevent wrinkles the natural way?

Most dermatologists agree that the best skin-saving advice is to stay away from the sun. Here are more things you can do.

Q: How can I prevent and/or erase wrinkles?

The skin is often referred to as your first defense. And because it is in the line of fire, it acts like a shock absorber. But after all the wear and tear, all the pulling and rubbing, the laughter and the crying, plus exposure to the elements as well as stress, the skin begins to show signs of having undergone several battles.

If only we could get brand-new skin! Most dermatologists agree on one thing: the best skin-saving advice is to stay away from the sun. Sun exposure damages the skin. So here are some skin-saving tips:

1) Get out of the sun whenever possible.

2) Drink loads of water. Challenge yourself to 12-15 glasses daily. Some people complain that they feel like choking after drinking so much water. It's all in the mind. Sip it slowly.

3) Increase vitamin C intake from 1,000-3,000 daily. Vitamin C is essential to collagen formation. Drink up on citrus fruit juices-oranges, limes, lemons.

4) Minimise alcohol. Too much alcohol dehydrates you.

5) Apply vitamin E oil directly on the skin, especially after sun exposure. Yes, you can puncture the Vitamin E capsule and use the oil sparingly.