How can I sharpen my memory?

PHOTO: How can I sharpen my memory?

For memories that are going, Jason Chein, PhD, from Temple University in the US, says the best option you have are retrieval drills.

These are mental exercises that require you to remember a multi-layered sequence of information after a distraction.

For example, a drill reported in Men's Health recommends that you:

1. Watch five cars go by and note the colours down on paper. Try to commit them to memory.

2. After this, do another activity of your choice that is engaging for 30 seconds.

3. Then try to remember, without looking at the paper, the colours of the five cars.

4. Check against the paper. If you can nail it, try six cars the next time, and steadily increase the number of cars for each round.

To further complicate the exercise, once you become a pro, you can include further details of the car, such as type of car, brand or car etc.