How sweet is that drink?

PHOTO: How sweet is that drink?

WANT to know how much sugar is in that can of juice you've just finished? Go to new website Sugar Alert.

Launched by the Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health, it educates consumers about how much sugar they are really consuming.

The site has a chart of several popular canned drinks and their sugar content: A can of carrot juice or soya bean milk, for example, contains seven teaspoons of sugar, just two teaspoons less than carbonated cola drinks.

A survey of 26 vending machine customers by the school found that more than 70 per cent thought sports drinks, juices and teas were healthy.

"People think carbonated drinks are unhealthy and sports drinks aren't, but this is an undesirable perception we hope to change so people can make more informed choices," said Associate Professor Rob van Dam, who conducted the study.