Hui Yi's boyfriend distraught and angry

PHOTO: Hui Yi's boyfriend distraught and angry
Goodbye, my love: Lau (right) in tears while going through some photos at a funeral parlour in Batu Pahat.

JOHOR BARU - News of Tee Hui Yi's death came as a shock to her boyfriend, who spent the previous day with a group of friends.

Lau Shie Chiek, 22, said he was sad but also angry at Hui Yi for refusing to be treated at a hospital when she was in pain.

"I was having dinner with her on Monday night when she complained of severe backache and breathing difficulty.

"I told her I would send her to the hospital but she adamantly refused," he said, adding that he massaged her back before sending her home at around 10pm.

Lau said he called Hui Yi several times to check on her condition while driving to Singapore where he works.

"She spoke to me several times throughout the night and told me that she had vomited several times. I pestered her to see a doctor but she refused."

Although her hard-headedness could be annoying, it was also a trait of hers that he loved, Lau said.

"She had a beautiful heart but would scold you in your face if you had annoyed her. I will miss her."

Lau said that when they first got together about a month ago, Hui Yi had explained her condition and warned Lau about getting into a relationship with her.

"I did not care about that and assured her that I would be by her side.

"When I got a call from her best friend saying that she had died, my heart just stopped. I rushed back to Batu Pahat crying the whole way," Lau added.

Hui Yi's best friend Thong Liew Sze Yun, 17, said she would miss Hui Yi as they shared so many moments together.

"The best moments were when we sang at the karaoke," she said.

Sze Yun, who was staying over at Hui Yi's house when she suddenly fell sick, said the sight of her parents desperately trying to resuscitate her would always stay in her mind.

"I was shocked. I just did not know what to do," said Thong in tears.