I'm only human: Jet Li makes shocking revelation about his health

I'm not an infallible martial arts hero you see on the silver screen, says Jet Li as he made a shocking revealation about his health.

According to Taiwanese news reports, the 50-year-old actor was spotted with a swollen face and bloated body at a recent event, which led him to reveal that he is suffering from a form of hyperthyroidsm.

Due to his condition, he is unable to undertake any strenous activities as his heartrate can go into overdrive even when he is not exerting himself.

Lamenting his current condition, Li said: "I'm not Huo Yanjia, Wong Fei Hung or an action hero. I'm just an ordinary guy who has to face the troubles of my inability to work."

He also said that he is facing up to his illness, and that he is determined to overcome it.

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