Improved postnatal care for mums, babies in Sabah

Improved postnatal care for mums, babies in Sabah

KOTA KINABALU - The i-kelahiran system in the recently upgraded Sabah Health Department's website, has enabled health workers to keep tabs on postnatal mothers and their babies.

The tracking is essential, especially for mothers who are suffering from diabetes mellitus, hypertension and other complications.

Early postnatal care contributes to reduction in maternal and neo-natal mortality.

Dr Dhesi Baha Raja, who is in the committee that mooted the system last year, said it had been utilised by almost all hospitals and clinics in the state, including those in rural areas.

It linked patients' data from health clinics and hospitals as well as some private hospitals, he added.

"Midwives will be able to do follow-up visits to patients' homes.

"They will be able to ensure babies get vaccinated according to schedule," he told the New Straits Times.

In the past, nurses had to contact hospitals to get updates of antenatal mothers under the hospitals' care.

The system also prevents the duplication of data entry, thus providing comprehensive and tallied reports for the department.

"It will also detect missing cases of mothers, who failed to deliver at their pre-assigned hospital.

"This allows health workers to follow up on them.

"This system has improved the department's healthcare delivery service at a minimal cost."

The system is unique to Sabah as it was developed by the department, with the collaboration of the government's information communications technology unit.

Dr Dhesi also said the Health Ministry had regarded the application as a blue ocean strategy and might implement it in other states.

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