Indian woman with rare disease sheds 'blood tears'

PHOTO: Indian woman with rare disease sheds 'blood tears'

RAJASTHAN, India - A 22-year-old woman in Kota, in northern India's Rajasthan state, is suffering from a rare disease which leads to shedding of "blood tears" from the eyes, reported Makkal Osai.

Doctors at a government hospital said Lakshaya Bais is the third patient suffering from the disease in India. The other two are from Lucknow and Calcutta.

Hospital director Dr Manoj Saluja said Lakshaya was suffering from a "blood clotting disorder" and a hereditary disorder, adding that tests to detect the disease were very costly and proper treatment was not easily available.

Lakshaya's policeman father Ratan Singh said her condition first came to light on May 25 when she began bleeding through her eyes or shedding blood tears while studying in Udaipur.