Indonesian hospital refuses cancer patient

PHOTO: Indonesian hospital refuses cancer patient

JAKARTA - Janihin, a farmer and cancer patient from Putussibau in West Kalimantan, was still awaiting medical treatment at the emergency unit of Dharmais Hospital in West Jakarta on Monday, following his arrival at the hospital on Sunday.

He was brought to the hospital by his family, based on a referral from the Sudarso Regional Hospital in Pontianak, West Kalimantan.

Janihin's wife Nuwuk said that Dharmais Hospital had several times asked her and her husband to return home for unspecified reasons, although they had provided all the documents required by the national healthcare programme and a letter of reference from their regional hospital.

"We came from a remote area in West Kalimantan seeking medical treatment and recovery in Jakarta [...] all the requirements for intensive medical treatment have been already met but we have been denied access [...] my husband is lying in the emergency unit without any treatment," Nuwuk said, as quoted by

She added that the hospital asked her to take her husband home because he did not need special treatment, but later said that all beds at the hospital were fully occupied.

Nuwuk alleged that her husband was denied healthcare because he was from a poor family that is covered by the Social Security Management Agency (BPJS).

Hospital spokesperson Eko denied refusing the patient and said the hospital had an official mechanism for admitting or denying patients.

"We have yet to receive a report about any rejected patients. But, in principal, patients are likely rejected because all beds are fully occupied. Today, 700 patients are registered on a waiting list to receive medical treatment at the hospital," he said.