Injecting strands of gold thread into patients is safe: Malaysian doctor

KUALA LUMPUR - A man accused of being a bogus doctor for injecting strands of gold thread into patients has defended himself, saying the procedure was safe.

Speaking at a private clinic in Bangsar South yesterday, Dr Lim Yee Peen claimed that he had treated almost 4,000 patients in Malaysia since 2008.

"Due to the accusations, I have suffered a huge loss of income over the past month," he said, flanked by several patients who attested to undergoing the procedure with successful results.

Asked to present his academic certificates, Dr Lim, who is better known as Dr Helios Y.P Lim, said he had been advised by his lawyer against doing so as he was taking the matter to court.

According to a profile of Dr Lim distributed to the media yesterday, he had graduated from the University of Glasgow, majoring in Biomedical Sciences and obtained a PhD in Bio-electro Stimulation from Germany's Heidelberg University. It also states that Dr Lim is a certified acupuncturist.

Last month, MCA Public Services and Complaints Department head Datuk Seri Michael Chong highlighted the case of an allegedly bogus doctor having cheated 11 people on the pretext of curing their ailments and beauty problems though the procedure.

The report stated that as many as 200 people in Kuching had undergone this procedure. Some of the victims have lodged police reports against Dr Lim.

Y.L Loh, who claimed to be a representative of Dr Lim, maintained that the procedure was safe and followed the Health Ministry's review set in 2006.

He said only one of the 11 complainants who had appeared during the MCA press conference was a former patient of Dr Lim.

In his response, Chong said his team and the complainants were ready to handle the coming legal matter.

"We are ready for him. More victims are approaching us and we will be meeting the police soon," he said.

Chong said Dr Lim had failed to turn up on four occasions to explain the matter to him.

A gold thread implantation is described as a minimally-invasive cosmetic surgery that improves facial wrinkles, sagging skin and other health related matters.