'It makes me happy'

SINGAPORE - He has envied well-endowed girls since secondary school.

By contrast, his "flat chest" gave him low confidence.

"Ever since I was a kid, I have always imagined what it would be like one day if I had breasts," said Mr Kurt Tay.

But Mr Tay, 27, was worried it would affect his chances with girls, and his desire to be a singer or an actor.

The turning point came when he realised his attempt to break into the entertainment industry was futile: despite releasing his debut EP last June, he failed to pique any recording label's interest.

He was also down on his luck with girls.

So he decided to get breast implants at Yanhee Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand, on April 5.

"I had nothing else holding me back. I thought, since these two aspects are not working out, why don't I just go ahead with what will make me truly happy?" Mr Tay told The New Paper.

The silicone breast implants, which were used on him, brought him from a flat chest to a C cup.

Though his confidence is up, he thinks he can do more.

No less a man

"I intend to go back in a year to increase my bust size to a G cup. I don't just want to have breasts, I want to have big breasts," he said.

Having breasts by no means makes him less of a man, added Mr Tay.

He said his "feminine" side was already apparent anyway: he finds flat chests unattractive, shaves his legs regularly and applies foundation to his face before going out.

"Some people think I want to become a transgender. But I still want to get married in the future.

"I will find a Vietnamese wife once I have saved enough," said the security guard who earns about $2,000 a month.

"I intend to go back in a year to increase my bust size to a G cup."- Mr Kurt Tay (left) on his plan to have bigger breasts

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