It's the popular Insanity workout - but in 25min

LAS VEGAS - The creator of the popular Insanity workout, Shaun Thompson, took traditional interval training and flipped it on its head for that gruelling regime.

With Insanity, he had participants performing long bursts of maximum-intensity exercises, with short periods of rest.

The 10-DVD workout - which requires one to set aside between 40 to 60 minutes to complete a workout, depending on where you are in the programme - became a hit with fitness freaks worldwide.

It needed sheer willpower and grit for anyone - fit or not - to get through it. The result?

An up to 1,000-calorie- per-hour burn, and the best body possible within 60 days.

Now, Thompson has something new in store: Focus T25, which is the Insanity programme, but compressed into 25 minutes.

Thompson, 35, who has created workouts like Hip Hop Abs, says the T25 programme was created to address the No. 1 excuse people have for not working out: Lack of time.

"The name implies the intent: If you focus your intensity for 25 minutes, and you do it five days a week, you WILL get results," he posted on distributor Beachbody's website.

Focus T25 is high intensity, with no breaks like the 30-second breaks in Insanity workouts.

For T25, Thompson focuses on working out a muscle group until it gets tired, then moves to a fresh muscle group, to provide a full-body workout. This maximises the body's calorie burn-rate to burn fat.

Test groups engaged in Insanity vs. Focus T25 show the results are the same, with people losing significant weight and getting shredded six-pack abs, said a press release.

And where the Insanity programme is designed for a 60-day "full transformation", says Thompson, the Focus T25 is a 50-day workout.

The programme works in two stages: Alpha and Beta.

The Alpha stage focuses on proper movements to create perfect form for perfect practice.

The Beta stage speeds up and focuses on core muscle groups, like the abs.

There's also an optional Gamma stage, which is sold separately as an upgrade which focuses on muscle building using weights.

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