IVF trumps adoption

IVF trumps adoption

SINGAPORE- Money is not the only consideration when it comes to having children ("More worth it to fund adoptions" by Mr Christopher Ong Wen Rong; Monday).

Why do people prefer in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) over adoption? An IVF baby has the genetic make-up and DNA of its parents, while an adopted baby does not.

Also, couples undergoing IVF have a greater chance of having multiple births. This means that if the treatment is successful, couples could end up with twins, achieving the family size many aim for these days.

There is also the question of whether parents can love their adopted baby unconditionally, the same way they would one of their own.

This is possible before the child knows his real identity. However, once the child finds out the truth, the relationship between parents and child may be strained.

Li Dan Yue (Ms)

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