Japanese man spends over $170k on plastic surgery - but women find him unattractive

PHOTO: Japanese man spends over $170k on plastic surgery - but women find him unattractive

Imagine spending a huge amount of money on plastic surgery in an effort to make yourself more attractive, only to be told by female celebrities on national television that they wouldn't touch you with a pole.

On an episode from Japanese variety show 'Watashi no Nani ga Ikenai no!?' which aired in March this year, 20-year-old Alan revealed that he has spent over US$140,00 ($178,360) in just one month on cosmetic surgery to change his face, Rocket News 24 reported.

Kotaku.com reported that Alan's desire to change his face was motivated by his past experiences of gettng picked on for his feminine personality.

He left his hometown at the age of 16, moving to Tokyo, where he developed relationships with five women. The women provide him with money for his living expenses - as well as his plastic surgery procedures.

So far, he has had his nose operated on twice, his eyes once and injections to his face to alter the shape of his chin. He has also undergone operations to remove his "wrinkes."

According to kotaku.com, Alan starts his day by heading to his plastic surgeon's office to get hooked up to an IV loaded with supplements to keep him looking young. He spends nearly $3,000 a month on drips alone.

Alan said he doesn't watch his diet, as he feels restricting his diet causes stress and "stress isn't good for beauty."

Instead, he takes about thirty different supplement pills a day and gets fat burning injections when he starts to feel flabby.

On the show, he said his aim is to use plastic surgery to become more beautiful than anyone else, and couldn't care less if he’s respected or not as long as he looks good.

But instead of admiration, the female celebrities on the show seemed to find his new face entirely unattractive, saying that there's "no way" they'd go for him, and that he's "not cool in the slightest".

Additional information by YourHealth, AsiaOne.