KKH apologises for baby swop incident

SINGAPORE - Two parents took home the wrong babies when discharging from KK Women's and Children's Hospital on Sunday due to a hospital error.

The hospital has since apologised and said the mistake was discovered soon after, stated local news reports.

Both babies are back with their biological parents and are doing well.

In a statement on Monday evening, the hospital said the error came to light when one of the parents noticed that the baby was wearing an identification tag that belonged to another mother.

Following investigations, the hospital managed to identify the correct mothers and babies.

KKH said that it "unreservedly apologises to the parents for the error and will take all steps to prevent any recurrence."

It also said it is extending full support to both families, medically and emotionally.

"The hospital deeply regrets this error.

"The hospital takes a very serious view of it. A full review is being carried out and the Ministry of Health has been informed."