Korean singer reveals startling transformation after jaw surgery

Duo 50KG's Park Min, who rose to fame through Star Audition 2, appeared as a new person on channel GTV's makeover show Byun Jung Soo's Look At Me.

Park Min told about the hard time he had with his excessive underbite.

According to an article in Drama Fever, he weighed only 40 kg (around 88 lbs) because he was unable to chew food well and often had indigestion problems.

Also, it was said that it was painful to sing. Not being able to eat well wasn't the only misfortune brought by his underbite jaw: he tried out for more than 20 auditions, but because of his underbite jaw, he was often rejected even before he got to sing.

Because of this, he decided to get jaw surgery, and now he's a much happier person.

Park says "Every morning I walk into shower, I get surprised. Looking at myself in the mirror's become a fun thing for me."

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