K-pop singer reveals her plastic surgery horror story

K-pop singer Lyn talked about her plastic surgery experiences on the April 2 instalment of MBC's 'Radio Star'.

She mentioned the need to go for touch-ups every 10 years, and described how her nose now looks like a pig's as the implant has curled up.

According to All K-pop, Lyn said:

"There were a frenzy of comments. People asked, 'If you did it, why do you look like that?'"

"I heard you have to go for touch ups once every ten years. For example, I heard the nose implant gets stuck to the skin and curls up.

"It has been ten years since I did the surgery and my nose is like a pig's nose.

"That's why when I take pictures these days, I cover up my nose."

In a previous interview, Lyn has admitted that she hated her nose as she felt it was not attractive.

Lyn added that she did not shave her jaw, but admitted to getting Botox shot, an act which she described as very sad and emotionally difficult because there are so many pretty people nowadays.

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