K-pop star loses 32kg in stunning transformation

PHOTO: K-pop star loses 32kg in stunning transformation

Park Bo Ram, a contestant of MNet's "Superstar K2," lost an astonishing 32 kilograms (70 pounds) while preparing for her debut.

Her drastic change in appearance is so stunning that fans have been speculating on whether she had undergone plastic surgery. However, her management agency has quashed the rumours, saying that her amazing transformation is the result of her hard work in sticking to a strict exercise and diet regime to lose weight.

Park Boram's management CJ E&M stated in March: "She simply went on a strict diet. We can't say how much weight she lost in total yet, she manages herself really well to maintain her looks and weight. We do admit she does look totally different from before, however, She did not get any plastic surgery."

It has recently been revealed that she has lost an incredible 32kg. Park Bo Ram went down from clothing size 77 (XL) to 44 (S) since her appearance in Superstar K2, which aired in 2010.

Park made it through several rounds of the reality singing competition, but was eliminated in episode 10.

Her agency MMO commented on August 6: "To show a more perfected image, Bo Ram put a lot of effort into shaping her body, and she is currently maintaing her figure through rigorous workouts. She focused not only on her looks, but also on improving her skills as a singer."

Fans have been able to follow her transformation through SNS, as the singer recently uploaded a photo of herself working hard at the gym, reports Soompi.

Wearing a sporty outfit, she is seen lifting weights to strengthen her arm muscles.

Park shared her weight loss secret during her recent interview with Star News. "When I appeared on Superstar K2, I weighed around 60kg and during the two months after the programme ended, I gained a lot of weight," Allkpop quoted her as saying.

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"I am 45kg right now, but I lost 32kg compared to when my weight was at its heaviest."

She added that she has also gained 2cm to her height after losing weight.

"There is no diet that I haven't tried and I experienced a "yo-yo effect" in the middle. But in the end, I think exercise and dieting is the correct answer to losing weight," she said.

"I was determined to lose weight to look good on stage and after losing weight, those around me would tell me that I got prettier just like the title of my debut song 'Beautiful' (directly translated to 'got prettier')."

She said that the compliments she has received after her weight loss has greatly increased her confidence level. "Unlike how I used to be in the past, I confidently go to crowded places where there's a lot of people these days," she said.

"Also, I did not do plastic surgery," she added with a laugh.

Park Bo Ram's debut song titled "Got Prettier" was released on August 7.

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