K-pop star reveals bizarre condition that causes him to fall asleep suddenly

During an appearance on MBC's "All the K-Pop", the members of MBLAQ discussed their strange habits.

While most of the members talked about their own little quirks (Lee Joon pops his joints, Seung Ho keeps his legs open), G.O. shared that he suffers from narcolepsy.

His fellow members revealed that, "G.O. has a habit of suddenly falling asleep before a song reaches its fourth segment. He doesn't just fall asleep while listening to music, he also falls asleep when singing a high note.".

G.O. confirmed the statement by saying: "To be honest, I have narcolepsy. There are times other than singing or listening to music when I suddenly fall asleep."

For those who do not know, narcolepsy is defined as "a chronic neurological disorder caused by the brain's inability to regulate sleep-wake cycles normally."

Those who have narcolepsy are known to fall asleep at seemingly random moments, no matter the situation.

Fans have so far been voicing their support, although a handful have joked that they hope he does not fall asleep during a live broadcast.

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