LA hospital live-tweets video of brain surgery

Social media has wormed its way into an operation theatre, where every single aspect of a brain surgery was live-tweeted using Vine, Twitter's new way of sharing videos online.

It is the first time that a live-tweet of a major operation has been done, the Daily Mail reported.

The incredible footage show the patient Brad Carter, 39, strumming on his guitar while the doctors operate on him at a Los Angeles hospital, the report said.

He was filmed while surgeons placed a pacemaker implant in his brain on Thursday to counteract the effects of Parkinson's disease.

Not for the squeamish or faint-hearted, the tweets of the surgery are accompanied with video that shows each stage of the procedure in brief but graphic clips.

Mr Carter was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease after he developed hand tremors in 2006 which caused him to lose the ability to play his guitar.

The operation involved stimulating an area of the brain and implanting a brain pacemaker, which emits electronic impulses to affected areas of the brain to lessen tremor symptoms.

Mr Carter was woken up for part of the procedure and asked to play his guitar to assist the doctors with placing electrodes into the correct position.

Doctors broadcast the procedure to commemorate the Ronald Reagan University of California Los Angeles Medical Centre's 500th deep brain stimulation operation.

In the incredible footage posted online, the musician can then be seen playing his beloved instrument once again, even singing along, as doctors finish placing electrodes in his brain.

Speaking to the camera, Mr Carter says: "I'm excited to play this guitar. [These are] original tunes - one is called Drunk Again."

The hospital staff also updated followers with Instagram photos and short video clips.

Deep brain stimulation is a therapy for sufferers of Parkinson's disease, a degenerative condition estimated to affect more than one million Americans.

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