Lack of urgency in care of sick dad

PHOTO: Lack of urgency in care of sick dad

My father suffers from kidney and lung illnesses, and was recently admitted to Tan Tock Seng Hospital for about a month because of a hip fracture.

Although my father was very alert when he was admitted, his health deteriorated within two weeks and he became delirious.

My family spoke to a doctor about my father's obvious sickness but we were assured that nothing was amiss.

We insisted that a test be done to ascertain if my father had an infection, and the doctor reluctantly agreed to do it the next day.

We pressed for it to be done immediately, given the condition my father was in, and the doctor eventually relented.

The results showed that my father had a bad infection. Antibiotics were administered immediately and he recovered after a few days.

While my father was generally fairly well looked after in hospital, incidents such as this could have been life-threatening.

Was my father's case a one-off oversight, or was it a case of the doctors being overworked?

Our Government has often reiterated the need for affordable health care, but the care must also be decent and of good quality.

Letter by Vincent Ong Kok Lam

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