Lion Air pilot considers crystal meth part of lifestyle

PHOTO: Lion Air pilot considers crystal meth part of lifestyle

JARKARTA - National Narcotics Agency (BNN) operations chief Brig Gen Benny Mamoto said that preliminary questioning of a Lion Air pilot, identified only as SS, caught consuming crystal methamphetamine, locally known as sabu-sabu, revealed that pilots considered crystal meth as part of their lifestyle.

"The pilot has surprisingly told me that they need crystal meth to remain alert and fit while carrying out their duties as pilots," he told The Jakarta Post on Saturday.

He said the BNN wanted to uncover what motivated the pilot to use crystal meth.

"We will ask every party involved to cooperate with us to prevent the same offenses from recurring," he said.

Commenting on this, Indonesia Police Watch (IPW) coordinator Neta S Pane said it was the right momentum for the BNN and the National Police to push all airline managements to conduct regular urine tests on their pilots.

"And they (airline managements) should conduct the tests under police and BNN monitoring. This should be done to keep maintain passenger safety as well as trust," he said.