Lose weight without needles or pain

A doctor who does Intelligent Liposuction where it involves no needles and no pain.

She grappled with low self-esteem because of her weight.

For years, she was teased.

So, last year, she took the plunge and decided on a non-invasive form of liposuction.

She is among the increasing numbers who are opting for the aesthetic treatment.

The 54-year-old accounts officer, Ms Ng had Intelligent Liposuction done on her stomach area. She reports that she started her treatment in October last year, has lost about 8kg. She now weighs 54kg.

She is looking forward to Chinese New Year now, and more clothing options: "Last year, I wanted to wear this beautiful red dress that looked so good on the mannequin. I bought the large size.

"I was so disappointed because it just did not look good on my body."

This year, she anticipates she will surprise relatives, who used to tease her, with her new look.

Ms Ng, who has three children, says her husband has also noticed the new spring in her step: "He says I've slimmed down and look better."

It helps that "the treatment is painless and comfortable", Ms Ng adds.

That is because the process she opted for, Intelligent Liposuction - or i-Lipo as it is more commonly known - is unlike conventional liposuction treatment, and does not involve surgery.


The i-Lipo treatment has been cleared by the US' Food and Drug Administration, which regulates and supervises the safety of food, supplements and medical devices.

Dr Francis Tjang, 59, resident aesthetic physician at The Aesthetics Clinic, says: "i-Lipo is unlike liposuction where it involves big needles sucking fat out."

The general practitioner, who has a diploma in aesthetic medicine from the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine, explains: "You can go back to work and to other activities right after each treatment."

In i-Lipo, low levels of laser energy are emitted to zap fat cells, causing them to disintegrate and turn into oils.

The oils - along with remnants of the fat cells - are then expelled from the body safely though perspiration, urine or stool.

Dr Tjang recommends patients to go for the minimum of eight sessions, which costs $2,400, for optimal results.

Conventional liposuction can cost from $5,000 per targeted area.

Each i-Lipo session lasts about 40 minutes.

Before and after each session, Dr Tjang discusses healthy lifestyle habits with the clients and advises them on how to effectively lose weight after the treatment. Dr Tjang explains: "i-Lipo specifically targets certain areas and destroys the fat cells.

"The expelled fat then become ready energy which the body's metabolic system burns off."

During the session, a client rests on a bed with a treatment belt strapped on the targeted area.

Says Dr Tjang: "You can target specific problem areas like fat in the arms, thighs and hips."

Patients report a warm sensation on the targeted areas during treatment.


Dr Tjang adds that the treatment works better with exercise - that should be done between four and eight hours after a session. This is because the fat can be naturally expelled from the body.

He says: "You can do any kind of exercise like climbing up the stairs to increase your metabolic rate to accelerate the removal of fat via the body's lymphatic system."

This article was first published on Jan 24, 2016.
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