Louis Koo admits to having amnesia

During a recent interview, Louis Koo revealed some shocking news -- he has apparently suffered from amnesia since he was born.

According to an article in Asian Pop News, the 42-year-old said his condition occurred when he did not have enough oxygen in his mother's womb.

His memory deficit was made worse after a car accident in secondary school, causing him to suffer from temporary loss of memory and a temporary loss of vidion.

Under long term medication, his vision has improved, but his amnesia remains untreated.

He said that during the filming of 'Triple Tap' with Charlene Choi, he had told her that they had collaborated two to three times before.

She, however, told him it was nine times. It was at that point when he realised how bad his amnesia was.

He said: "The advantage is that I'm able to delete everything away from my brain a few years later. I feel that this is a gift from heaven."

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