Mailbox: Staff should offer info, advice on Medisave option

Mailbox: Staff should offer info, advice on Medisave option
PHOTO: Mailbox: Staff should offer info, advice on Medisave option

We thank Madam Hoe Cheng Fong for her feedback ("Spread the word on Medisave option"; below) on the communication on the use of Medisave for the treatment of chronic diseases.

The Chronic Disease Management Programme was introduced by the Ministry of Health in 2006, and to date, there are 15 chronic diseases under it.

Under the programme, patients can reduce their out-of-pocket cash payments by using their own and their immediate family members' Medisave accounts, up to $400 per account each year.

Each claim is subject to a 15 per cent co-payment.

More details are available on the ministry's website or

We acknowledge that our staff could have been more proactive in communicating the payment option under the programme.

We expect them to offer such information and provide appropriate advice to patients at payment counters.

Upon payment, our staff will also ask patients for their preferred payment option, to confirm if they want to use Medisave.

We will continue to review the communication and payment process as part of our ongoing efforts in improving patient experience.

Lucas Goh Chee Keong
Assistant Director, Clinic Operations SingHealth Polyclinics

Spread the word on Medisave option

I have been visiting Bukit Merah Polyclinic for treatment of my high blood pressure for more than a year. Each visit would cost me about $120, and I have been paying in cash.

Recently, I came to know that one can use Medisave to pay for the treatment of chronic diseases such as high blood pressure.

During my last visit to the polyclinic, I told the registration staff that I would like to pay via Medisave, and was given a form to fill in. In the end, my bill came up to $142 and I needed to pay only $21 in cash, with the rest covered by Medisave.

As patients may not know about this option, staff can be more proactive by checking if they would like to pay by Medisave when their medical bill exceeds a certain amount.

Also, why is there a need to inform the registration staff at each visit that I am paying via Medisave, when I have completed the form and the details should be captured in the polyclinic's database?

Letter from Hoe Cheng Fong (Madam)

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