Malaysia No. 3 for health services

KUALA LUMPUR - Malaysia has been ranked as one of the top three destinations offering the best healthcare services by an international magazine publication.

United States-based publishing group, International Living, in its annual Global Retirement index ranked Malaysia at third place for countries which provide the best and most affordable care in the world after France and Uruguay.

In an immediate reaction to the report, Datuk Seri Najib Razak tweeted that Malaysia should be proud of the achievement.

"Malaysia scores third best out of 24 countries in International Living's Annual Global Retirement Index 2014. We should be proud!"

In the report, which was published by the magazine's website, it stated that Malaysia has gained its fame as a medical-tourism destination and that medical experts in the country were equal to or better when compared to most Western countries.'s Asia correspondent, Keith Hockton, said healthcare costs are so low and that patients could pay out of his or her pocket for many standard procedures

"A regular doctor's visit costs US$16 (S$20) and a dental check-up costs US$9," he said in the report, which was published last week.

"At this time, foreigners cannot access the public healthcare system here, but the low cost of healthcare and range of health-insurance options, means that paying for healthcare is no hardship."

It was reported last month by the same magazine publication that Malaysia was ranked as the third spot for "The World's Best Places to Retire in 2014".

The report also described Malaysia as Asia's best retirement haven.

"Malaysia is the best place to retire in Asia right now, and there's no sign of that changing.

"A couple can live comfortably in a luxury ocean-view condo on US$1,700 a month including rent," the report said.