Malaysian model shares her plastic surgery journey

PHOTO: Malaysian model shares her plastic surgery journey

She's brash, she's bold and she's probably the only Malaysian celebrity who has gone public with her multiple plastic surgeries.

Leng Yein, a former Miss Malaysia finalist turned model, has had work done on her eyes, nose, cheeks, lips and breasts and she is only 26.

While she has been subject to ruthless criticisms, Leng Yein, whose Facebook page boasts over 98,000 followers, remains an object of stubborn fascination.

"Well, it's my face and I'm the one who has to wake up to it everyday," the rail-thin beauty tells the Daily Chilli in a recent interview.

"People can say whatever they like, but if my husband and family are both okay with it, then I don't see what's wrong with it. I'm not hurting anybody."

The model, who openly calls herself a "plastic beauty", says she first went under the knife for a nose-job in Beijing when she was 21.

"My boyfriend betrayed me with a pretty girl when I was 18," she shares.

"I was really heartbroken and I told myself if I could afford it one day, I would make myself look pretty."

"But the doctors in Beijing totally f***ed it up! They gave my nose an unnatural L-shape."

However, just a few months after her botched nose-job, Leng Yein went under the knife again while visiting a friend in Bangkok, Thailand. This time, she went for a boob job and to stitch dimples on her cheeks.

'Really painful'

"It was really painful," the busty model recalls, flinching. "I would have gone for a bigger size if I knew it would be that painful."

For two months afterwards, she could not jiggle them or carry heavy stuff. 

In 2008, she became the ambassador of a plastic surgery clinic in Kuala Lumpur and redid her nose for free. She returned to the clinic for lip-fillers last September for a poutier, sexier look. "My lips were really, really thin. I couldn't see them when I smiled."

While the scalpel has transformed the once average-looking girl from Kuantan into a life-sized Barbie, Leng Yein admits her husband actually hates plastic surgery.

"Whenever I come home with stitches, he would ask: 'Why do you keep cutting yourself?' But he would respect my decision."

Last month, the bubbly beauty flew to Seoul in South Korea for probably her last plastic surgery procedure.

In exchange of getting pie-sized eyes like Japanese pop princess Ayumi Hamasaki, dimples (fake ones last for a year), and a new nose, she has agreed to be the poster girl of another Kuala-Lumpur based plastic surgery company.

Leng Yein, who has been keeping her followers updated about her post-surgery process afterwards, made a full recovery just 12 days later.

"I'm back in shape and my surgery went so well that I didn't feel any pain after just one day. And the magical thing was…I healed fully in less than two weeks!" she posted on her Facebook page.

Leng Yein, who now sports bigger eyes and more refined features, was most recently seen at the Johnny Walker VIP Party in Penang over the weekend. She appeared to be having a good time partying with her friends.

"I may have a fake face and fake boobs, but I have a real personality," she says.