Malaysia's east coast hit by the haze too

KEMAMAN - The pristine view surrounding the beach town of Kijal was spoilt, for once, by hazy skies.

The famed blue skies were blocked by the thick haze blown over by winds from Sumatra in Indonesia.

Fortunately, it was not for long.

Kijal is in the district of Kemaman, which recorded an API reading of 121 on Sunday, one of the worst in the country.

"The API in Kemaman has improved with an 80 reading, no longer within the "unhealthy" zone.

"Based on the trend, we believe it will be better over the next few days," a Department of Environment spokesman said.

A local angler took his rod out yesterday to fish at a jetty in Kijal as the skyline showed a dominant blue colour.

"During the weekend, I could not spot boats far out and even some of the resort buildings near here were shrouded by the haze," said the angler, who is from nearby Kerteh.

Other locals also found it strange for Terengganu to be hit by the haze.

"I am just glad the skies are clear again," said a villager.

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