Male Singaporean singer gets boob job

ONE-TIME Singaporean singer Kurt Tay, 27, shot to fame after he had breast augmentation surgery in Bangkok, reported Sin Chew Daily.

Tay, who is known for releasing only one song previously and taking out a full-page advertisement about himself in a magazine last year, spent S$4,100 (RM10,250) on 395ml of silicon implants.

He also uploaded a video on YouTube to show off his new figure.

The self-proclaimed "superstar" claimed that he felt shiok (good) with the implants, likening the feeling to winning the lottery.

However, his post had drawn flak from Ne­­tizens who called him ah gua (lady boy) while some even told him to spend money on English classes after he pronounced breast as "best".

In an interview with Singapore daily Lianhe Wanbao, Tay, who now works as a night shift security guard, said before the surgery, he had tried to court some 100 girls but failed. He said this later prompted him to become bisexual.

However, he said he would not undergo a sex change procedure as he still preferred a female partner and planned to pay for a Vietnamese bride if he could not find a local girlfriend in two years.