Man, 21, loses both hands but not his fighting spirit

Meet spunky young man, Fan Ling, who has a passion for sports.

He is frequently seen out outdoors having a game of badminton or indoors, challenging his friend to a friendly game of table-tennis.

But what's so special about him? This 21-year-old university student has no hands.

Fan Ling lost both his limbs in an electric shock accident when he was only six.

With the support of his family, the Fu Zhou native trained his body with daily exercises to become familliar with activities like eating, writing and talking on the phone. He even learnt how to type on the computer using his feet.

After he mastered doing daily chores, he went on to bigger activities. Being an active young man, he picked up sports again. He learnt how to play table-tennis with his feet and playing badminton by tucking the racket under his armpits.

Later on, he even had a shot at stardom when he went on reality television programme "China's got talent".

He showcased his ability to play a mean game of table-tennis with his feet and wowed the audience and judges.

People are not only amazed at the things he can do, but they are also inspired by his infectious fighting spirit to lead a normal life.

Take a look at this slice-of-life gallery of his daily activities.