Man, 66, is 4th person to die from dengue this year

SINGAPORE - A 66-year-old man who lived in the Tanglin Halt area is the fourth person to die of dengue this year.

He went to Alexandra Hospital (AH) emergency department (ED) on Tuesday, July 2, after suffering from a fall, but was found to have had a four-day history of fever, rashes and dizziness.

He was admitted on the same day and tested positive for dengue.

He was subsequently transferred to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) on July 3 after developing breathing problems and acute renal failure.

His condition continued to deteriorate despite intensive care and he passed away from complications due to Dengue Shock Syndrome yesterday.

The man's death comes as figures showed a decrease in the number of people in Singapore being infected by the virus.

Last week, there were 679 new infections, the lowest in 1 1/2 months.

The first dengue death this year that claimed a 20-year-old victim, Mr Ang Yong Han, occurred in May. The two other deaths were of two more men, aged 60 and 86.

NEA is conducting vector control operations at the vicinity of the case's residence, which is in a dengue cluster consisting of three cases.

Residents are encouraged to cooperate fully with the NEA inspectors. They should also remain vigilant and protect themselves with mosquito repellent and clear any stagnant water in their homes and the vicinity. The key to effective dengue control is to eliminate all mosquito breeding habitats. Everyone needs to play his/her part and be socially responsible to stop dengue transmission in the community.

MOH and NEA strongly advise Singaporeans to continue taking all appropriate precautions to prevent mosquito breeding by doing the Mozzie Wipeout weekly. More details on this can be found at

Persons typically develop symptoms of dengue within four to seven days of being bitten by an infected mosquito and these include:

- Sudden onset of fever for two to seven days

- Severe headache with pain behind the eyes

- Joint and muscle pain

- Skin rashes

- Nausea and vomiting

- Bleeding from the nose or gums or easy bruising in the skin

Persons who develop symptoms suggestive of dengue should consult their doctor as early as possible, and use mosquito repellents to reduce the risk of spreading the infection further.