Man finally gets, uh, manhood

PHOTO: Man finally gets, uh, manhood

Because of a rare affliction, Briton Andrew Wardle was born without a penis.

Now, the 39-year-old from Manchester can finally feel positive about the future, the Daily Mail reported.

He will go for groundbreaking surgery in which his manhood will be created from his own arm.

Surgeons from University College London have agreed to carry out the complicated three-part operation.

In an interview with British television ITV's This Morning programme, he said that not having a sexual organ had caused far too many problems with his love life.

Although he has had girlfriends, some women have been more understanding than others, he said.

When one girlfriend found out about his condition, she turned violent and "punched me in the face", he said.

"I guess she was angry as she felt like I had lied, but it's not something you can say right away," he added.

He said: "My first girlfriend was really nice and understanding. We went out for four years and it was not a problem. It may have been if we were together in the future, but we were only 15, so it wasn't."

His reluctance to jump into bed on first dates also worked in his favour because women are so happy to be with a "nice guy" who wants to take the relationship slowly.

He admitted, though, that he went through dark times and began taking drugs. He became more depressed and even attempted suicide. But with the help of family, friends and a new supportive girlfriend, he is back on track.

Once his penis is created, it will be "wired up" to be fully functional. There is a possibility Mr Wardle will one day be able to have children. But he said he has yet to fully discuss this with his surgeons.

Meanwhile, an estimated 17,616 men in the US went to the emergency room for "trouser zip injuries to the genitals" between 2002 and 2010, according to an article published this week in the Journal of the British Association of Urological Surgeons.

Almost all of them had their penises stuck in their zippers, the paper found.

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