Man loses 20kg with world watching on Weibo

PHOTO: Man loses 20kg with world watching on Weibo

On his micro-blogging website Weibo, he calls himself "The fatty transformation journal".

Tens of thousands of fans have been following Jin, a man from China, who has been documenting his inspirational weight loss journey through pictures posted daily on his public Weibo 'diary'.

Everyday, he takes three pictures of himself shirtless from the front, side and back against the dark background of his wardrobe.

It's been more than 20kg and 160 days since he first started, and has since amassed a following of more than 88,600 fans.

Jin told China Daily that in the beginning, he posted the pictures only to keep a record for himself to see the effects of his weight loss programme.

He did not expect that others would be interested to see them, and was pleasantly surprised when people started following his progress on Weibo.

Jin said he enjoys the attention, as every little encouragement and interaction he receives on Weibo keeps him going.

"Whenever I don't feel like going to the gym, I think if I don't go, I won't have pictures to post that night," he said.

"Sometimes I go to the gym just so I can post those pictures, just to be able to share the pleasure in my diet."

Most of the messages posted on Jin's Weibo are those of encouragement, with his followers telling him his weight loss is very noticeable through the daily pictures.

However, there are also detractors who tell him he hasn't loss any weight, and try to sell him diet pills.

Jin said his primary motivation is to lose weight. Before he started on his diet, his legs would push against his belly whenever he squatted to do his shoe laces.

"It actually made me feel sick," he said.

Living happy is his goal

Jin's exercise routine mainly consists of running, as it helps in not only burning fat, but also strengthens his heart and lungs.

When he first started his diet, Jin said climbing just two stories of stairs would exhaust him.

The first day he went to the gym, he could only run 80 meters on the treadmill.

Now he can run for an hour, followed by 40 mins of spinning exercise and some weight lifting.

The exercise, he said, is to improve his quality of life, but he has no plans to cut down on his food intake.

"My personal trainer has been telling me to watch what I eat... but if losing weight means that I can't eat, or had to restrict my desires, then I wouldn't be happy," he said.

To Jin, living a happy life everyday is the most important thing.

Jin said his goal is to reach 60kg. After which, he wants to tone up his body to gain some muscle.

In two years time, his ideal weight would be 70kg, but with more muscle mass instead of fat.

Watch his story on his amazing "fatty transformation journal".