Man survives nail in skull and jokes about it

PHOTO: Man survives nail in skull and jokes about it

ILLINOIS - A man accidentally shot a 3.5-inch (about 9cm) nail into his skull.

During the ambulance ride in between hospitals for surgery, Dante Autullo even posted a photo of the X-ray on Facebook.

Doctors successfully removed the nail from Autullo's brain.

His fiancee, Gail Glaenzer told the media that Autullo had been in the workshop using a nail gun when it discharged near his head.

Autullo initially dismissed the accident as a nail whizzing by his ear. Glaenzer cleaned the wound and the couple resumed their day as per normal.

The next day, Autullo awoke feeling nauseous, and Glaenzer sent him to the hospital.

The X-ray revealed the nail in the middle of his brain.

The brain does not have pain-sensitive nerves, hence Autullo felt only the pain of the nail hitting his skull.

Doctors said the nail narrowly missed the part of the brain that controls motor functions.

Autullo was rushed to another hospital for surgery.

The surgery took about four hours, and part of his skull was removed and replaced with a titanium mesh because the surgeon feared that a part of his skull might have been become contaminated by the nail.

Autullo joked about the incident after surgery, saying that he should be featured on the Discovery Channel for being a medical miracle.

He even wants to make a necklace out of the nail as a grisly reminder of what happened.