Man's kidney stolen during memory loss: China

PHOTO: Man's kidney stolen during memory loss: China

A man in Guangdong woke up to find his left kidney gone and an extra of 20,000 yuan (S$3,994) in his pocket after a four-day memory loss, Nanfang Daily reported.

Shu, 28, had just come from Chongqing to Machong town in Guangdong to look for work.

He remembered trying to rent a room before losing his memory, he said.

Shu said he woke up in a hotel room with an aching wound in his stomach. He then got in a taxi to the Machong Hospital.

A doctor at the hospical said the wound on Shu's belly is new, but he has not seen the money that Shu claimed to get.

Shu now has difficulty urinating and recalls nothing of the four days while he was out.

He is now expecting his family to come and take care of him.

Police are investigating.